Who Am I?

A data scientist turned social media geek. 



Growth - Engineering taught me that. Experimentation, multi-cultural, and diversity are the expressions I'd use to define this phase.
For four years, I took every chance I could to expose myself to opportunities that would broaden my thinking.
From managing events to hosting fests- it was a fun time!


Adulting - Working with an MNC taught me that. From an Electronics and Telecommunication graduate to working as a Software Engineer, 
From a diode to python - the transition was smooth. Data and more data became my world.
Not lying- I loved every part of it!




Until the third phase of my life hit me right in the face. An offer to work in a social media marketing role with a startup brought back the excitement.
And there has been no looking back. 
Now I live in a world of data and creativity, analysis, research, and implementation.

Little did I know that in January 2021, I would decide to leap independent. As I write this in October 2021, blessed. The solopreneur journey has been a matchless one!