• Mitali Daduria

Blogging My Journey Of SELF-GROWTH (day#1)


I have become terrible at keeping promises to myself.

I promised myself I'd post regularly on LinkedIn.

I gave up after a week.

Self-accountability made it easy for me to give up on being consistent with my posts.

As the year is about to end and 2022 will hit the theaters soon,

I made a pact with myself

A project by me for me,

  1. To regularly post on LinkedIn for 30 days,

  2. Write a blog daily for 30 days straight.

Well, I don't know how I'll be doing it

But I will keep the promise this time.

Self-accountability shall be in check this time.

If you've come this far,

I hope this post helps you do the same.

One step closer to your dreams before the year ends.

Are you ready with the promises you wish to keep for yourself?

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