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How To Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business In 2022

Are you looking to fine-tune the social media strategy for your business?

If you have come this far then, the answer is a YES.

And the good news is now is the perfect time to make this happen.

In the current landscape of high competition, content, and network, a well-built, unique strategy for your business gives it the freedom to focus on what's necessary for its growth, rather than being overwhelmed with the n number of random social media strategies floating on the internet.

Your business is a puzzle and, putting each piece together will require you to create your social media marketing strategy.

Here's a comprehensive guide for you to create a social media marketing strategy for your business from scratch.

Don't worry if you are a newcomer or seasoned with social this guide has you covered.

  1. Set tailored goals for your business

  2. Research your target audience

  3. Figure out your KPIs

  4. Create engaging content for your social media

  5. Be time-sensitive with your social presence

  6. Access the results and update your strategies

Set Tailored Goals For Your Business

What do you want from social media for your business?

Set your social media goals. The planning starts with your goals.

To set your social media goals, ask a WHY for each one of them.

Your goal could be to increase the following or to improve your community engagement.

Take time to define your social media goals.

Remember to set realistic social media goals. Break your social media goals into smaller objectives that are reasonable and affordable.

Here are some social media goals you can take inspiration from

  • Increase Brand Awareness

It is getting your business name out in the world. Create content that emphasizes your personality and values. Keep the ratio of publishing promotional content 80:20. You can find more on brand awareness here.

  • Generate leads and increase sales

It is no accident that business sees an increase in sales and increased leads. Alert customers about new products and promos. Integrate your product catalog into your social media profiles. Run exclusive deals and giveaways for your followers.

  • Grow your audience

Increasing your number of followers also means a larger audience and increased potential customers. Monitor specific keywords, phrases, and hashtags relevant to your business and create content around relevant topics to reach your core audience much faster.

  • Increase community Engagement

Don't confuse the importance of your number of followers with engagement. Grab the attention of your followers through experimenting with messaging and content. Convert your followers into your biggest cheerleaders.

Research your target audience

Do not make assumptions

Use data and research to understand your target audience. Google can come as the handiest tool to do all your research.

Keep in mind that different platforms attract different types of audiences. Use the data available on the internet to decide the social media platform and the content type you should be posting on them.

Focus on the platforms where your core audience is active.

Study your existing audience on social media

Okay, so now comes the exciting part. You have collected all the social media data and, now you need to use that data to analyze your customers.

You can use platforms like sprout social and buzz sumo. They will provide an overview of who follows you and their interaction with you on each social media platform.

Figure Out Your KPIs

KPIs are the key performance indicators of your social media strategy. They help keep your social media strategy data-driven, so you can focus on the social media metrics that matter.

Here are the metrics I am talking about

  • Reach

It is the number of unique users who saw your post.

  • Clicks

The number of clicks on your content helps understand what encourages people to buy from your business.

  • Engagement

It is the total number of social interactions per impression.

  • Hashtag performance

Most used hashtags associated with your business can help you focus on the type of content you should be curating for the social media platform.

An efficient social media strategy is rooted in data and numbers. These data can help you strategize accordingly to reach your business goals.

Create Engaging Content For Your Social Media

If social media marketing is fruit juice, then your content is the fruit.

Have a clear idea of what to post on your social media based on your goals, audience, and brand persona.

Here is some quick help for your content strategy

Stick to a content theme

Imagine twitter. What would it look like if each tweet had some random color text and one page had a bluebird while the other red?

Messy right?

Or imagine a thumbs-up company having a Twitter account with a thumbs down logo?

Ummm hmmm.

You'd never find that in the real world for sure.

From graphics to content brands, they maintain a format.

A consistent content strategy makes more sense to the human mind.

Here are some content ideas for your business

Focus on creating innovative content.

  • Stories

The algorithm supports stories on social media platforms. It allows your followers to get a sneak peek inside your business. It helps them connect better with your business.

  • Short Form Video

Tik Tok and Instagram reels are in a boom today. You can use them to meet your social media goals by creating short-form videos for these platforms.

  • Posts that show you are a human behind the business

Especially in the post-covid world, content with a human touch should be the cornerstone of your counterstrategy.

Be more human and build a bond through your content.

Also, don't forget to run a competitive analysis to help your content stand out.

Be Time Sensitive With Your Social Presence

Focus on posting at the best times for the social media platforms to engage with your customers.

You can easily find the data to help you decide the best time to post your content based on the platforms and customer-related data.

Be proactive with engaging with your customers and solving their queries.

Access your results and update your strategies

You now have figured out how 80% of social media strategy works.

However, it's important to keep revisiting your strategies and keep on improving them over time.

Without continuous analysis of your strategy and the results they drive, you won't quantify your campaign performance.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for business is majorly about trial and error. A continuous check and updating of your strategies will help you be up in the game.

Monitor the social media metrics for your business in real-time.

Let 2022 be the year when you use an effective social media marketing strategy to grow your business using social media and get ahead of the curve.


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