• Mitali Daduria

Journey of SELF GROWTH Day#2

It's a tough cookie.

I tried analyzing my day,

'did I do anything meaningful today?',

The nagging feeling was encouraging me to consume more information to keep up with my current projects.

A 15-minute recap was enough to find the root cause of the nag.

I was catering to mindless consumption of content,

All and every content that was even remotely related to my topic.

It made me feel as if my efforts were half-baked and, so much more information was left to be consumed.

To overcome this, I came up with a plan.

A to-do list for the day

with precise points and tasks

No vaguer scrolling and googling.

The decade has brought jobs that are more mental than physical.

It demands from us to consume mountains of information each day.

More emails, newsletters, social media, texts

And unlimited knowledge available at the tips of our fingers.

It can lead to overstimulation of our brains.

Building discipline and focus have become more of a necessity.

So, where are you placing your attention today?

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